Independent Rando Rides in the CV Era

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Ok, here’s a starter list of rando rides that could be good candidates for socially responsible riding in the next few months. 

Before you hit the road, read through the Guide to Safe Cycling during COVID in the Announcements section on this page.

If you have a favorite route or two that would be favorable for solo or very small group rides please send the ride info and RWGPS link to 

When we offer these, we need to have up to date RWGPS (cue sheets would be nice too) and any special instructions – see general criteria

Here are some general criteria for independent rando rides in the CV era

  1. Focus on rides that are rural or on very open roads
  2. Ride distance is optional, probably 32-125 is a good range miles (50k-200k)
  3. Avoid busy bike trails (e.g. Greenway) or  busy city roads as much as possible
  4. Encourage self sufficiency in terms of carrying your food/water with minimal need for c-stores, etc.
  5. Are there public restrooms along the way that are open? 
  6. Note that this is completely separate from any RUSA/MnRando event so riders can start anywhere on the route.
  7. May recommend certain c-stores or other places that are better than average for minimizing contact
  8. Is there a nice park somewhere along the route that could be a great place to have a personal rest stop
  9. Most riders should be able to self support for 100k+.  Longer rides or more challenging routes may need suggestions for places to refuel at minimum risk
  10. After you ride one of these routes, or your other favorite route, post your ride on Strava if you use it, and/or to the Minnesota Randonneurs Facebook page along with pics and commentary. 

Southern burbs

101k/64 miles Dakota County Frolic.  Start in Apple Valley, Inver Grove Heights, Hastings  

Apple Valley start at Caribou Coffee, no services directly on route – options near route in Hastings if needed.  Short stretch on bike trails through Hastings.  Nice sections on quiet Mississippi River Trail from Hastings to Inver Grove Heights

100k/63 miles Rosemount/Miesville Gravel – start in Rosemount.  Class B gravel, a few hills, overall fairly level. C-store in Miesville is very low volume

200k/129 miles 3,573’ William Dodd Road Ramble.  Start in Apple Valley, could do Lonsdale or Faribault.  Cleveland c-store at ½ way point is very low volume.4.

200k/127 miles 3,990’ Apple Valley Classic.  Start in Apple Valley.  Through Cannon Falls, Zumbrota.  Very rural

88k/55 miles 2,460' Northfield-Nerstrand Gravel Roll.  Starts in downtown Northfield, passing near Nerstrand.  Good class B gravel and a nice stretch through Nerstand Big Woods State Park.  No services on the route, small c-store in Nerstrand

Western Burbs

120k/75 miles Six Round Barns Gravel – Start in Waterville, could start in Cologne.  Created by Dirty Lemming founders.  Not too hilly.  Not a Mn Rando route

Northern Burbs

200k/125 miles Northern Pancake.  Our classic winter brevet route.  Very flat

100k/64 miles, ½ Pancake The new classic winter Populaire. Very flat

Western Wisconsin

119k/74 miles Escape to Wisconsin.  Start in Stillwater, Osceola, Hudson.

Great route, some hills, lots of quiet roads

200k/125 miles Hills of Wisconsin. Start in New Richmond, WI.  Very rural, small towns, hilly, nice roads

Upcoming Events

DAMn Day Across Minnesota 240 miles

Aug 15 2020 Gary, South Dakota

North Star Bicycle Race 630 miles

Sep 16 2020 St. Paul 7:00a

Iowa Wind and Rock 340 Miles

Oct 23 2020 Winterset, Iowa


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News Update July 30, 2020

Top News - New Minnesota Randonneurs board member Rob Mosimann - RUSA Permanents Program opening August 1 - Many RUSA Awards programs will be available, including R-12/P-12 - Brevets and Populaires continue to be closed through August due to the rise in CV-19 across the country - The Mn Rando Strava Challenge report is delayed due to Garmin outage, but will be published soon New Board Member With Tom Ehlman moving to Colorado over the past few months, a board opening was created

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