Fleche Team Ride

This is a past ride.
Jul 30, 2021

6003 Hudson Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125

Ride Distance:
360k/224 miles
Keith Larson

Minnesota Randonneurs invites you to participate this summer in their Flèche-USA ride on July 30th-31st, 2021. The Flèche is a 24 hour team ride, whereas teams of 3-5 riders have 24 hours to cover at least 360 km (224 miles). Each team will devise its own route with a starting location of their choosing but will end at a common point. The Country Inn & Suites in Woodbury will be our final destination where riders will be treated with snacks and beverages and can book a room for a restorative night in a comfy bed. The following morning we will congregate over a hearty breakfast to present stories of our rides and some fun awards. 
The Flèche ride was originally created in France in 1947 and is one of the oldest Brevets organized by the ACP. This event holds team work and camaraderie as paramount to success and is meant to strengthen relationships between riders. 
- Riders will depart on Friday July 30th from 4-5pm and end on Saturday July 31st at 4-5pm.
- Teams will choose their start location. Please submit your route to the Flèche Committee (Keith.larson@mnrando.org) for review/approval, before the event. 
- End Location will be at the Country Inn & Suites 6003 Hudson Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125 
- Minnesota Randonneurs has a block of rooms reserved at Country Inn & Suites 6003 Hudson Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125 651-739-7300. Cost per room is $93.00.
- Ride presentations/awards will be over a hearty breakfast buffet on Sunday Morning. Award Categories and criteria will be published before the event. Team leaders please take photos/videos of the ride if you can. We will have access to a large TV where people can share those with the group during the presentations and for later posting on Facebook. 
- When you have your team assembled, please come up with a clever name and send an email to keith.larson@mnrando.org. If you are in need of a team or you want to be a team captain and are looking for other members please post on our Facebook group in the discussion section or send me an email directly.
- Official rules for the Fleche-USA event are here: https://rusa.org/pages/flecherules 
- This ride is part of the requirements for the RUSA R5000 award.
- You must be a member of RUSA to do this ride. https://rusa.org
- There is a $50 per rider fee for this ride to cover support expenses and food and drinks for the finish on Saturday evening and brunch on Sunday.
- Riders are responsible for reserving their own room for Saturday night.


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Current Rider List
Keith Larson
Rob Welsh
Keith Morical
Trisha Groth
Robert Booth
Justin Tan
Douglas Carlson
Phil Higley
Scott Gregory
Randy Anderson
Eric Peterson
Greg Smith
Bill Nauseef
Johanna Ficatier
Spencer Klaassen
Rob Mosimann
Sebastian Frye
Dawn Piech
Hall Sanders
Chris Carlson
Steve Steve Redelsperger
Ted Haland