Winter Populaire

Nov 23, 2019

3033 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, MN

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

Join us on the Trails to Trails route for a tour of the trails and back roads of the western suburbs.  Starting at Lake Calhoun, it's an easy ride-to-the-ride destination if you live in the metro Mpls area.  The route has a few ups and downs early on but settles out into a mixture of trails and quiet roads.  Two good rest stops help with refueling and the Punch Pizza final controle is a perfect way to finish the ride with some refueling and rehydrating.  

Park on the western end of the Calhoun Executive Center parking lot.

TCBC riders will receive credit for this ride.

You do not need to be a Minnesota Randonneur, TCBC or RUSA member to ride this event. There is no cost for this ride.


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