Fleche Team Ride

May 29, 2020

7907 Upper Hamlet Ct

Ride Distance:
Rob Welsh

The Fleche event is a team ride with teams of 3-5 riders completing a 360k (224 mile) route of their choosing over a 24 hour period.  Team must stay together throughout the ride.  The ride can start anywhere and will end up at a common finish (A hotel/restaurant TBD soon) to celebrate their ride and trade stories with other teams.  Riders start typically on Friday afternoon/evening, finish on Saturday, get a good night's sleep then gather again on Sunday morning for a breakfast, official story telling and some interesting awards.

Official rules for the Fleche-USA event are here: https://rusa.org/pages/flecherules

This ride is part of the requirements for the RUSA R5000 award.

You must be a member of Minnesota Randonneurs and RUSA to do this ride.

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